Thursday, 25 September 2008


Last week we started this month long uni freshers tour in that beautiful country, playing a bunch of shows in Dundee, Edinborough and Glasgow. I don't know why, but it's a place we always enjoy visiting, and is a refreshing change from the urban scrawl of london. The tour moves south this week, and presently i'm in the van between Huddersfield and Preston in the north of England where we play tonight.
Last time we played preston the venga boys were playing downstairs at the same time, and i was experiencing my worst ever come down, we walked off the stage after 5 songs. 'BOOM BOOM BOOM i want you in my room' i hope tonight is better!

So what else? We recorded an album earlier this year which we decided to call 'you and i' and it's about to be released in NZ and Australia next week.
I think you can pre order the album when you buy tickets for the shows here:

So with that you receive the digital album NOW!!, followed by the full physical release on Oct 4th, accompanied by a DVD of all the videos Joel Kefali has done for us, and another bonus disc full of demos and other bits andpieces ive been working on since...this is also featuring cover art from the wonderful world of Michael Ramirez' sketch pad,
here are some of my favorites of his;