Thursday, 27 November 2008

in Germany with Foals and Friendly Fires pt1

We've been in......
Hamburg where we played in the tiniest club ever, where a lady from a stripclub tried to pull me off the street into her club... then to frankfurt where we missed the show cos we got stuck in traffick minutes from the venue, it took us 2 hours to travel 2 miles at one point, we got to the venue as friendly fires were going on stage.
There's been snow and snowing in each town, especially Berlin where we stayed in a hotel opposite a huge old church that was unrestored from its WW2 bombing. We went to a great illegal warehouse bar afterwards where the ceiling was crumbling and falling into our drinks, and there were sausages for sale in huge pots of steaming water. We visited the memorial to the holocaust, which was thousands of massive graves forming a maze in this ampitheatre-like thing.
Each day has been up at 8am and driving for 8 hours, to places like Koln, then Munich, then over the border to Utrecht, which might have been the biggest show of the lot? Anyhow it's been great to see Foals again who are better than ever, and im convinced are amoungst the best live groups out of anyone in the world, and friendly fires, who i was skeptical about before seeing them, but they are brilliant and songs like 'jump in the pool', 'paris' and 'on board' are still stuck in my head. Tonight we're in Rotterdam, Photos and videos from tour to come soon!!!

Monday, 17 November 2008

CMJ + Australasian album release tour

Some pics from the last month of our travels, starting at our place in Homerton London, through to CMJ in New York, to our album release shows in NZ and Australia...heaps more + videos to be added soon
...oh and thanks for some of the australian show photos.

Meeson St


Special Problems in NYC
Dear Time's Waste

Brand New Math