Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Back when we were starting this band i went through all the CD's that i thought were awesome, made a list of all their record companies, and attempted to mail everyone of them in a completely naive attempt to get our songs released in countries like the States, UK, Europe, Japan etc.
At the top of that list was a company based out of New York, that i discovered on the back of my favorite record of the time, a record which pretty much inspired me to create a band in the first place. It was 'Zoo Psychology' by Ex Models, and the record company was French Kiss Records. A label i became familiar with as i aquired a collection of recordings by Less Savy Fav, another pivotal band for me and alot of my friends from back home, in NZ.

So you can imagine my excitement when we received an email from them back in late 2006 saying that they loved our songs and wanted to know if we had a label in the States yet. It's now been close to 2 years since that initial contact, and i'm extremely excited to now announce that early next year French Kiss Records will be releasing the debut Cut Off Your Hands record 'You and I'!!!!!!!!!!!

...........In the mean time, we've prepared a little 5 track ep that -on release next week- will become our first FKR's release, (incidentally in time for CMJ)
The Ep is titled 'Happy As Can Be' and the track list is as follows:

1.You Still love me (previously unreleased)
2. Happy As Can Be (from 'You and I')
3. Shorelines (previously unreleased)
4. Nostalgia (from 'You and I')
5. An Iron Sleep (previously unreleased)

Digital format of Happy As Can Be ep AVAILABLE NOW!!!! in USA from the following retailers:
Physical format is available from Tueday 21st October.

We're also pretty stoked to be playing at CMJ in New York again from next week, last year was great so we're very much looking forward to the repeat. Here are the dates from the French Kiss site:

Thank you, xo


benjaminjames said...

My inspiration for being a musician are This City Sunrise, and as of last whenever the hell you guys played at Bacio, YOU.

I'll probably look into Ex Models, Less Savy Fav for more motivation..

Axelonius, Choppy said...

I'd like to point out that 'alot' is not a word. a lot.
But I'm still fond of you and that's the truth.

Steph said...

Another fat congrats, it's just so lovely that a label that you've obviously come to love over the years is releasing your record :)

Somehow I feel that COYH are set to spread their love all over the world (which is a damn good thing) x

benjaminjames said...

Bought les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends. Freakn amazing, possibly new fav. hah.

Got more hidden gems?

Chris&Lisa said...

Thanks again for the great show at Monto Water Rats the other night. Twas killer. Best of luck at CMJ.
Greetings from Detroit.