Friday, 19 December 2008

the old days

Just to let you know, tomorrow night's show at Kings Arms in Auckland is significant for a particular reason which we may disclose at the show, maybe not...but regardless...we felt like doing something special to mark the event.
So for tomorrow night only we'll be playing some REALLY old songs, ones that we havnt played in close to 3 years, and most likely wont be played again after tomorrow night..
So come and party with us if you're in the area,
we love you

the old days


Ali said...

oh the suspense!!

Steph said...

Aw geez, I remember falling in love with You And I during the Shaky Hands days..golly it was something spesh :) Any chance of you whipping out those old gems here in Oz? (I'm guessing it's probably a loud NO, but, it would make some people extremely rapt I'm sure) x

Rebecca said...

Totally agreed Steph, I remember picking up that CD case with the coloured sticks in it for the first time myself. I think i know what the surprise is, i wish it wasn't true. Dont worry i wont ruin it! Unless of course it's already been because i didn't read the date on the post before writing this:)