Monday, 26 January 2009

Turn Cold video


Steph said...

There are so many things that I adore about this clip!

-Phil opening his mouth to have a speech bubble put near it
-Stop-motion animation in general
-How enthused Brent looks on the phone
-Nick's gorgeous singing and his many different backgrounds [almost looks like he moved around less than usual though!]
-Mikey playing the ukelele [his last clip? :( ]
-How much fun you looked like you were having in ladies' clothes..which yes you indeed pulled off
-The French

Aw man, that's truly one brilliant clip.


Really really well done :) Hope you enjoyed making it x

benjaminjames said...

Yeah, what she said! Love it

your shadow said...

this video is perfect. i adore it.

donut said...

sweet mix !

morning said...