Monday, 23 March 2009

SXSW over, thank god! 10 shows in the 3 days always sounds better the week before you have to play, than halfway through it...but regardless, it wasn't too bad, and we could've played more.

The best thing about SXSW for us this year, apart from Phil pretending to be in black lips and being given hundreds of headphones, was probably the shows put on by Todd P and Fi at Miss Beas..on friday night we went down and saw a bunch of bands, they were all awesome, and it was a relief to be away from all the industry jerks and super motivated industry driven bands looking to get signed and whatnot.
I dont think i saw one official sxsw badge at this event, instead was just a bunch of kids going nuts and enjoying some amazing bands. It was all ages, and free, and bands like Woods, Wavves and Oh Sees were incredible. No Age finished the night, it was rad to be at such an inclusive party, with everyone just having a good old time, crowd surfing and behaving like they were 14 and at their first show again.

We've got heaps of flip footage from the week/end so will post some soon as.


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Steph said...

Hey that sounds awesome - it's so great to hear that you lads were still able to get out there and enjoy yourselves.
I suppose we're all very fortunate, since at your shows you have got so many people on stage who without a doubt went nuts with excitement and pure joy - you make it very 'inclusive' like you said. It's really sweet, and everyone feel pretty spesh to be a part of it :)
Sounds like a good vibe at that gig you mentioned. Hope you enjoyed SXSW despite the intensity of it all x